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Källhagen school in Lohja implemented chemical-free cleaning

In Virkkala, Lohja, the Källhagen school implemented the new completely natural Ownwell cleaning method in October. The technology contains purified water and microbes. Lohja is part of the Hinku network that aggregates municipalities committed to ambitious climate actions. The non-toxic and chemical-free Ownwell cleaning method supports the Hinku project as a climate-friendly alternative for the safe cleaning of public facilities.

The Ownwell method, a Finnish innovation in the cleaning industry, is used for cleaning all common facilities in the Källhagen school using only purified water with added microbes. The mission of the microbes is to support human wellbeing. The microbial species used in the method belong to the Bacillus family and are food approved and safe for humans. The Ownwell technology possesses patents and utility models.

Towards a carbon-neutral and sustainable town

Developing Lohja to become a carbon-neutral and sustainable town is promoted by the Hinku action program and selected priorities. The main goal of the program is sustainable lifestyles which the Ownwell cleaning method supports completely.

The technology adds a microbial compress containing hundreds of millions of good microbes to purified water. Together with the purified water, the microbes make a 100 per cent chemical-free cleaning fluid.

The new Ownwell cleaning method ensures the students and personnel in Källhagen school a clean working environment that protects them from exposure to cleaning chemicals and unpleasant odours. At the same time, the method supports the THL (Finnish institute for health and welfare) national indoor air program by keeping the indoor air clean and non-toxic.

A successful testing period completed

Källhagen school tested the Ownwell method for six months, to begin with, from February to August in 2021. The testing started by installing an own Ownwell water purifier in the school. Additionally, there was an introduction of the method to the cleaning personnel. In a follow-up meeting held during the testing period, the personnel talked about their experiences with the new cleaning method. One thing they liked the most was that their job had turned simpler and safer. The Ownwell cleaning method does not cause any allergies or skin problems even when the fluid drops on the skin. Also, the cleaning effect was sufficient. The cleaning personnel was willing to continue using the Ownwell method.

Microbial samples were taken from surfaces in the beginning, the middle and the end of the testing period. The microbiological and cleanliness results were excellent. – The test results we received further confirm our previous test results that have shown that most of the bacteria found on the cleaned surfaces by the growing method are bacterias used in the cleaning product, says the docent of molecular microbiology, Elina Roine.

Contact persons Lohja town Jere Jantunen Manager, Food and cleaning services +358 50 567 5915

Raimo Immonen Service Manager

+358443743310 Karstuntie 4, PL 71, 08101 Lohja


Timo Kaarlela CEO

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