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In Paulig's carbon-neutral roastery in Vuosaari, a new, fully organic Ownwell® cleaning method was implemented.


Paulig and Ownwell in collaboration.


A non-toxic and chemical-free method supports Paulig's goal of reducing environmental impact and enhancing employee well-being. Ownwell is proud to add value to the operations of the oldest company in the industry in the Nordic countries - Paulig started roasting coffee as early as 1904.

Approved for Food Use

The Ownwell method, a domestic innovation in the field of cleanliness, cleans all office spaces using only purified tap water and added microbes. The Bacillus species used in the method are approved for food use and are safe for humans. The climate-neutral Ownwell method has been granted patents and utility models. In the Ownwell method, a pellet containing hundreds of millions of beneficial microbes is added to purified water. Together with purified water, the microbes form a 100% chemical-free cleaning solution.

A Clean Environment for 350 Employees

Cleaning is an essential part of workplace safety, which Paulig values highly. The new innovative cleaning method ensures a clean working environment for the 350 employees at the roastery, protecting them from exposure to cleaning chemicals and unpleasant odors.

Associate Professor of Molecular Microbiology Elina Roine from the University of Helsinki says:

"Research suggests that traditional, chemical-based cleaning methods weaken the immune systems of people exposed to cleaning chemicals. Moreover, strong cleaning chemicals remove not only harmful microbes but also the normal microbiota of the environment, which has been shown to be beneficial to humans."

The Ownwell method also supports the National Indoor Air Program of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) by keeping indoor air clean and non-toxic.


The threshold for implementing chemical-free cleaning is lower than you would think. We offer a complete service concept, including everything you need to deploy the Ownwell® method.

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